Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Positive Attitude Part 1

Ten Spies vs. Two-Numbers 13:1-14:10 (positive and negative)

Of the twelve spies, two had a positive report and the other ten a negative report. What could account for these differing opinions?


  1. All twelve spies were leaders in their tribes.
  2. All twelve spies received the same promise.
  3. All twelve spies received the same opportunities.


Majority Report

  1. Ten said “no”
  2. Misunderstood their mission
  3. Saw God in light of their circumstances

Minority Report

  1. Two said “go”
  2. Understood their mission
  3. Saw circumstances in light of their God

The ten spies displayed a horrible attitude about the whole endeavor. God is never mentioned in their report. Their sour disposition, pessimistic perspective, and negative report spread like a plague throughout the Israelite camp.

Caleb and Joshua returned with an enthusiastic, positive report. They based their report on God’s track record with the nation through the desert. They freely admitted the obstacles but knew nothing could stand in the way of God.

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