Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Positive Attitude Part 2

 The Major Difference: Attitude!

The only difference between those who delivered the majority and minority reports was internal. Their differing reports reflected contrary attitudes toward the land, the divine promises, the people in Canaan, the work involved, the Lord, and themselves. Consider the attitudes of the majority:

  1. Disobeyed God
  2. Believed the land had no future
  3. Displayed cowardice based on fear
  4. Utterly ignored God in their report
  5. Suffered from a grasshopper complex

The result? Theses ten naysayers spread anxiety throughout Israel’s camp. Their rotten attitudes infected the whole congregation until the spiritual contagion could not be contained. Through a negative majority report, this ancient commission deprived nearly two million people of their inheritance in Canaan. Through their poisonous influence, the Israelites were driven back into the wilderness to die, and God delayed in fulfilling His purpose for His chosen people for 40 frustrating years.

If they only had listened to the minority! Consider their vastly better attitude:

  1. Obeyed God
  2. Insisted they should enter and possess the land
  3. Displayed courage rooted in faith
  4. Felt calm assurance
  5. Saw themselves in relationship to God

The result? Caleb and Joshua stayed alive for a new era, while the other ten spies perished in the wilderness along with the rest of the adults of the unbelieving generation.

Join me next time for Leadership Qualities: Positive Attitude Part 3