Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Positive Attitude Part 5

Focus on God’s Ability-Matthew 20:1-16

Leaders should often read this story. It describes God’s grace, illustrated by a landowner and his vineyard workers. The workers show us how leaders look when they take their eyes off God and focus on themselves. Through this parable Jesus attempts to correct wrong attitudes. He is trying to address:

  1. Self-absorption: We grumble and complain about inequities. We focus more on our work than God’s.
  2. Comparison: We ignore God’s grace, remaining preoccupied with the status of others.
  3. Presumption: We assume too much when it comes to rewards, forgetting that every blessing is a gift.
  4. Distortion: When we judge others as unworthy, we misunderstand that the entire kingdom is built on grace.

Jesus’ First Job-Luke 6:20-23

What did Jesus do first when training His leaders? He transformed their perspective and attitude. He talked about the blessing of being poor, hungry, hated, insulted, or persecuted. Talk about a change of attitude! Effective training always begins with attitude and perspective, changing individuals from the inside out.

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