Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Compassion Part 3

What to Cry About-Micah 1:1-9

The more leaders mature, the more value they place on people. When all is said and done, leadership isn’t about strategy, marketing, organization, efficiency, our high- quality products, but about people. Micah hurt when others hurt, even though they were in the wrong. The high value he placed on people teaches us . . .

  1. People are an organization’s most appreciable asset.
  2. People skills are a leader’s most important asset.
  3. If you are good with people, you can lead in a variety of contexts.
  4. You can have people skills and not be a good leader, but you cannot be a good leader without people skills.

Love Moves Jesus to Lead-Mark 6:34

Jesus’ leadership was empowered not by a sense of duty or obligation, or by a desire to build an image, but by compassion. Great leaders, like Jesus, build a deep love for people that moves them to do far more than obligation could ever induce. Do you deeply love those you lead?

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