Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Buy-In Part 5

 The Anatomy of Buy In

Gideon progressed from being an obscure member of a minor clan to a leader of the northern tribes. He grew as a leader through several stages:

  1. Started at home (character) A good leader first proves himself to those closest to him. Gideon started with ten household servants. With their help, he destroyed an altar of Baal, built a new altar to God, and offered the sacrifice requested by God.
  2. Won a key influencer (charisma) The men of Ophrah grew furious with Gideon when they discovered he had destroyed Baal’s altar.  “Bring out your son,” they ordered his father, Joash, “that he may die” (Judg. 6:30). Yet Gideon won over a powerful ally in his father. Joash stood up for his son and spared Gideon’s life.
  3. Broaden his circle (credibility) Gideon won over his city by winning the influence of Joash, then quickly won the allegiance of the Abiezrites (the people of his region), along with tribes beyond his borders: Asher, Zebulun, and Naphtali. Even the people of Ephraim joined him. Once a core group of people buy in to your leadership, its possible to broaden your circle of influence.
  4. Moved at the right time (culmination) So many people bought into Gideon’s leadership that God had to send a bunch of them home (Judg. 7:2). God reduced the number of Gideon’s followers to 300. Yet when they fought under Gideon’s leadership, they won a great victory—and God received the glory.

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