Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Buy-In Part 7

 David Draws Loyal Renegades-1 Samuel 22:1-23:29

After David fled from Saul to the cave of Adullam, four hundred men sought him out to follow his leadership. The Bible describes these men as in distress, in debt, and discontented. Obviously, David had to train these “losers” if he was to create an effective army. And he did. 

These men eventually became like David. Some even killed giants, as he did—a classic example of the Law of Buy-In. They first bought into David, then into his vision and leadership. Observe what David teaches us about his leadership:

  1. David attracted these men even without pursuing them.
  2. David drew deep loyalty out of them without ever trying to get it.
  3. David transformed these men without disenchanting them over their initial state.
  4. David fought alongside these “losers” and turned them into winners.

Consider the astounding exploits of some of these men. Second Samuel 23 tells us that Adino slew 800 men with a spear in one battle (v. 8); Eleazar struck down the enemy until his hand clung to his sword (vv. 9, 10); Shammah defended a plot of ground against an enemy army (vv. 11, 12). Three of these men snuck behind enemy lines just to get David a drink of water from a well in Bethlehem (vv. 15-17). David attracted men like him—souls in distress. He also reproduced men like him—warriors and conquerors.

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