Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Buy-In Part 8

 Why Before What-Nehemiah 2:5-17

Nehemiah takes three days to size things up in Jerusalem before he speaks to the Jews, the officials, the priests, and the nobles. When he does speak, he practices the Law of Buy-In. He knows his countrymen would have to buy in to him before they would buy in to his plan.

Notice how this man declares the why before he explains the what. He provides the following reasons to get his colleagues to buy in to his vision for rebuilding the wall:

  1. He had committed himself to oversee the project (2:5).
  2. Asaph had approved timber for the beams and gates (2:8).
  3. The situation was a reproach to Israel (2:17).
  4. The ruined walls could not protect any of them (2:17).
  5. God’s hand was on him and had given him favor (2:18).
  6. King Artaxerxes had given him permission to come and rebuild (2:18).

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