Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Problem Solving Part 7

Maintain Perspective-James 1:1-8

James is vitally concerned with big-picture living. After his brief greeting, he jumps into how to handle problems. Because leadership depends to a large degree on problem solving, James remains relevant to every leader. He teaches us to approach problems with:

  1. Contemplation: We can find joy in the midst of problems only when we recognize their purpose and results. The key is perspective. Leaders must think correctly about problems and see that their followers grow stronger through them.
  2. Supplication: God gives us trials in such a way that we lack nothing in the end. James says, however, that if we do lack wisdom, we should ask God for it. It is no sign of weakness for a leader to pray for wisdom when facing problems.
  3. Expectation: If we do ask God for wisdom, we must ask in faith, expecting His answer. Once leaders gain perspective and trust God for wisdom, the only thing left to do is to anticipate solutions and exude optimism.

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