Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Problem Solving Part 8

Reason, Results, Remedy-James 4:1-10

Good leaders discern the root of problems quickly and offer practical solutions. Most of the time they find people problems:

  1. The reason for our problems: Hedonism. James offers the answer to his own question. The source of their problems? Their own self-centered search for pleasure. The Greek term he uses is the root word for “hedonism.” Like symptoms of a disease, their emotions revealed selfish goals: lust, envy, quarreling, and fighting.
  2. The results of our problems: Hostility. Hedonism always leads to hostility. Because the people got so caught up in their own pursuits, they became hostile toward others and God. They were like adulterers who so badly wanted self-fulfillment, they forgot their marriage.
  3. The remedy to our problems: Humility. Since God opposes the proud but helps the humble, the solution lies in asking for God’s grace. These people hadn’t asked for anyone’s help. Most of the time humility brings both peace and solutions.

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