Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Convictions Part 1

 Don’t Allow Compromise-Joshua 7:1-8:29

Joshua would not and could not allow compromise to derail the destiny of his people.

Consequences of Compromise-1 Kings 13:11-24

An unnamed, elderly prophet illustrates both the power of a leader living by his convictions, and how compromise can steal away conviction. He triumphed when he stood but perished when he turned back. Just so, we gain when we stand strong, but can lose it all when we slip.

One Is a Majority-1 Kings 17:1

Some consider Elijah the greatest prophet of the Old Testament. When he predicts a drought, he’s not out to make a popular speech or gain friends in high places. Elijah spoke to the people when God spoke to him. God plus one equals a majority.

Daring Courage-Isaiah 63:11-14

Isaiah recalls that Moses received his courage from his God-given convictions. Moses’ relationship with God came first; next came a foundation of convictions; and finally, the courage to lead others without compromise. Popularity with God controlled Moses’ life, not popularity with people.

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