Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 1

Jacob and Rachel-Genesis 29:16-30

“Leaders find a way for the team to win,” states the Law of Victory. That means good leaders are whatever-it-takes people. They are the “go to” guys and gals who always find a way to achieve their goals. Such a description certainly fits Jacob, the stubborn young man who fell in love with Rachel.

After requiring Jacob to work seven years for his younger daughter’s hand in marriage, Laban substituted his older daughter, Leah—and Jacob didn’t discover the deception until the morning after his wedding night. Some men would have battled Laban. Others might have simply walked away. Jacob fumed, but he didn’t give up. He loved Rachel so deeply that he did what he had to do; he worked another seven years to get her. Jacob practiced the Law of Victory as a leader who did whatever it took to reach his goal.

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