Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 2

Moses and the Plagues-Exodus 7:2-11:3

How can anyone think that Moses relished confronting Pharaoh with the plagues? While he obeyed God and warned Pharaoh of each coming judgment, he asked God to send them only to accomplish his goal. We see no pride or arrogance in him; he certainly did not summon the plagues to draw attention to himself. Moses simply called down God’s judgment until Pharaoh broke and released the Hebrews.

The Law of Victory teaches that leaders find a way for the team to win. In this case, several plagues were required to convince Pharaoh to let God’s people go. And how can we describe Moses’ attitude during those plagues? What enabled him to win the victory he sought?

  1. He was patient (7:2, 3).
  2. He was consistent (7:4-7).
  3. He was discerning (8:10, 11).
  4. He was prayerful (8:12).
  5. He was tenacious (11:1).
  6. He was credible (11:3).

The Celebration-Exodus 15:1-21

Leaders know the importance of identifying, celebrating, and remembering victories. After escaping Egypt, Moses led the people of Israel in a song a celebration. The Lord drowned the Egyptian army in the Red Sea, ensuring that Israel would never again have to run from Pharaoh. Celebration is often the reward for victory.

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