Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 3

 Joshua Practices-Joshua 6:1-20

Perhaps the most memorable of Joshua’s many victories came in the destruction of Jericho. But what a strange story it is!

Try to picture how absurd God’s military strategy must have seemed to real men of war. March around Jericho 13 times in one week, blow some trumpets—and that’s it? No weapons? No fighting? No plan of attack? No doubt, the residents of Jericho laughed heartily at the week-long entertainment provided by the dizzy Hebrew army circling their walls.

Yet Joshua was committed to doing whatever it took to gain victory, and if God said shout, then the general would discard his swords and spears and wholeheartedly go with the absurd. Consider ten things to really like about Joshua:

  1. He made obedience his first priority.
  2. He never waited to see what the crowd wanted to do.
  3. He made decisions from an eternal perspective, not a temporary one.
  4. He acted decisively.
  5. He deeply appreciated the past without worshiping it.
  6. He valued results more than image and reputation.
  7. He knew that to influence others, he had to stand up and be counted.
  8. He never wavered from his understanding of what was right.
  9. He trusted his God more than his gift.
  10. He made glorifying God his ultimate objective.

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