Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 5

 David Defeats Goliath-1 Samuel 17:19-58

Victory is always fun. No one likes to lose. But when a leader practices the Law of Victory, it impacts more than the leader. It affects everyone around the leader.

Consider David and his battle with Goliath. By practicing this law, he transformed the once paralyzed Israelite soldiers into a force capable of defeating the “invincible” Philistine army.

Here’s how he did it:

  1. His perspective differed from others. He didn’t see what everyone else saw, an invincible giant. He saw an opportunity.
  2. His methods differed from others. He decided to use proven weapons that he knew would work, not the conventional ones.
  3. His conviction differed from others. He recognized Goliath had no covenant with God, while he felt passionately committed to God’s covenant.
  4. His motives differed from others. He heard Goliath’s threats against the God of Israel and knew God could beat him.
  5. His vision deferred from others. He wanted to make Yahweh known to the world as the most powerful God on earth.
  6. His experience differed from others. He brought to the battlefield past victories over a lion and bear, not months of paralyzing fear.
  7. His attitude differed from others. He saw Goliath not as a threat too big to hit, but as a target too big to miss!

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