Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 8

 Helping Others Break Through for Victory

If you’re fighting the necessary inside battles, you are putting yourself in the best place to lead your team to victory. But that may not be enough. For your organization to reach the next level, your people need their own breakthroughs. Here’s a good way to help them achieve their own triumphs:

  1. Understand breakthrough timing.

 There are three prime times for leading people to a breakthrough. People are ripe for a change when . . . 

Provide your people with learning opportunities, give them resources and encouragement, and pay attention to where they are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Then, when they’re ready, give a little nudge to help them over the hump.

  1. Pray for breakthrough. The best thing you can do for your people is to pray for them. The eminent evangelist John Wesley observed, “God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” Ask God for a breakthrough. Then ask God to help you do your part, to reveal to the people their part, and to fulfill His part.
  2. Become a breakthrough person. If you show what it means to be a breakthrough person, your people will value breakthroughs. Most breakthrough people exhibit these qualities:
  1. Find breakthrough leaders. Gathering strong leaders adept at breakthroughs can make a difference in your organization. It’s like having a team of breakthrough catalyst working alongside you.

If you want a winning team, you must have winning players. The best way to do that is to create breakthroughs. If you can become a breakthrough person who leads a team of breakthrough leaders who oversee an organization filled with breakthrough people, then victory becomes almost inevitable.

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