Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 10

 Leaders Communicate-Isaiah 55:1-11

Isaiah 55 offers the words of a great communicator. In this passage God invites everyone to participate in His offer to quench their thirst. He tries to convince His hearers that He alone can fulfill their desires and permanently meet their needs. Then He beckons them to seek Him while He may be found.

Verses 10-12 contain a marvelous promise. God says that just as the rain and snow fall from the sky and do not return without watering the earth, so His Word will also accomplish the goals He sets for it. God’s Word will bear fruit. From these three simple verses, note how God evaluates good communication:

  1. His Word will get results (v. 10).
  2. His Word will furnish tools and resources (v. 10).
  3. His Word will meet needs (v. 10).
  4. His Word will perform His will (v. 11).
  5. His Word will satisfy the soul of the hearers (v. 12).

How about you? Can you, as a leader, make those claims? How do you evaluate your communication? What fruit does your communication produce?

What It Takes to Win-Zechariah 14:16-21

It is appropriate that the final chapter of Zechariah declares God’s ultimate victory. No one practices the Law of Victory quite like the Lord Himself! in this case, God predicts victory and gives the people direction on how to live, motivation to persist, and hope for a better tomorrow.

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