Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Victory: Part 17

 Jesus Reigns-Revelation 22:12-16

You can almost hear John gasp as he describes the conditions of the Holy City, with its crystal clear river, its streets of transparent gold, and its splendid trees.

Christ has practiced the Law of Victory for the final time, finding a way for His people to win. He shares His victory, like a rich man shares his inheritance with his family. There is great consolation, great celebration, and great confirmation in this victory, as the Ultimate Leader keeps the promise of victory He made through the Old Testament prophets. The final book of the Bible refers to this victorious Leader by several names:

  1. Faithful witness (1:5)
  2. Firstborn from the dead (1:5)
  3. Ruler of the kings (1:5)
  4. Alpha and Omega (1:8)
  5. Lion of the tribe of Judah (5:5)
  6. The root of David (5:5)
  7. The Lamb (17:14)
  8. The Word of God (19:13)
  9. King of kings (19:16)
  10. Lord of lords (19:16)

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