Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Relationships Part 1

Abigail vs. Nabal-1 Samuel 25:1-42 (positive and negative)

Relationship Lessons from Abigail

  1. Risky initiative: Abigail took the first step with David to resolve a sticky situation.
  2. Emotional security: Abigail demonstrated inward security in her identity.
  3. Genuine humility: Abigail submitted to David by falling as his feet and seeking his favor.
  4. Personal responsibility: Abigail took responsibility for Nabal and explained his wicked behavior.
  5. Selfless attitude: Abigail focused completely on David’s welfare and future success.
  6. Generous spirit: Abigail gave David and his men a choice gift for their journey.
  7. Forthright approach: Abigail directly asked David to forgive Nabal.
  8. Quick wit: Abigail suggested David didn’t want a slaughter on his conscience.
  9. Eternal perspective: Abigail saw David and their relationship from a divine viewpoint.
  10. Kind affirmation: Abigail sought David’s benefit and gave him encouraging words.

The Stuff Good Relationships Are Made Of

Effective leaders grow their relational skills in the following manner:

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