Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Relationships Part 3

Four Word Pictures

What could Nabal have done to improve his relational skills? He could have started by embracing the following word pictures:

  1. The Host: Just as a host takes initiative and makes a guest feel comfortable in his or her home, so we are to host the relationships of our lives.
  2. The Doctor: Just as a doctor does not give a prescription before first making a diagnosis, we are to poke and prod others with questions, so that our responses match the relevant need.
  3. The Counselor: A good counselor actively listens. Since the number one emotional need of people today is the need to be understood, we must deepen our listening skills.
  4. The Tour Guide: You hire a tour guide to help you reach your planned destination. God wants us to serve as spiritual “tour guides” for others, helping them to reach their potential.

Join me next time for Leadership Qualities: Relationships Part 4