Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Relationships Part 7

Leaders as Shepherds-Ezekiel 34:11-24

The word picture of the shepherd enables us to see what kind of relational skills and attitudes we are to build into our leadership. Ezekiel 34 describes how the shepherd cares for his flock. The shepherd . . .

  1. Searches out the lost sheep.
  2. Delivers the captive sheep.
  3. Gathers the dispersed sheep.
  4. Feeds the hungry sheep.
  5. Rests the weary sheep.
  6. Binds up the hurt sheep.
  7. Strengthens the weak sheep.
  8. Protects the vulnerable sheep.
  9. Equips the needy sheep.
  10. Directs all the sheep.

You may want to compare this text to Psalm 23, another picture of the leader as a shepherd. In that psalm God is the shepherd, providing guidance, restoration, preparation, resources, comfort, and anointing for His sheep.

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