Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Relationships Part 12

Love out of Decision-James 2:1-9

Relationships and leadership cannot be divorced. Further, leaders must learn to relate to people based on a decision, not a reaction. We must love people regardless of what they can give in return.

James 2 begins by talking about the sin of partiality. Leaders must not treat a rich man well and a poor man poorly. Love must be given unconditionally. Does this mean we treat everyone the same? Not at all. We must relate to each individual based on his or her inward gifts, not outward gifts. Leaders must identify talents and gifts in others, then place the individuals in suitable positions to encourage the use of their gifts. Note the diagram below:

The Issue My Response
1. Loving people 1. I love them based on an unconditional decision.
2. Positions and tasks 2. I place them according to their giftedness.
3. Recognition 3. I recognize everyone’s value and contribution.
4. Affirmation 4. I base it on the need of the person.

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