Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Generosity Part 2 

Boaz Doesn’t Keep Score-Ruth 2:8-4:10 (positive) 

Leaders must be generous, predisposed to give their resources to others. They believe a candle losses nothing when it lights another.

Boaz’s generous spirit surfaced immediately when he saw Ruth. He asked the reapers about her identity, then expressed his generosity to her. Boaz displayed his generous leadership in several ways:

  1. He was generous with his compassion. He told Ruth not to glean anywhere else; she would get all she needed from him.
  1. He was generous with his compliments. He noticed her sacrifice and complimented her efforts.
  1. He was generous with his courtesy. He invited her to join his staff for a meal, kindly serving her all she wanted.
  1. He was generous with his crops. He told his reapers to put out extra bundles of grain for her to find.
  1. He was generous with his credibility. He showed respect by doing what was right by her request.
  1. He was generous with his commitment.  He committed himself to ensuring that Ruth’s former husband had offspring to carry on his name.

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. Leader who fail to display generosity should ask themselves, Do I really love the people I lead? When great leaders err, they always err on the side of generosity. If they err in paying salaries, they err in paying to much. If they err in firing a staff member, they err on the side of excessive emotional support, severance package, and affirmation. No leader gets ahead by mimicking Ebenezer Scrooge.

Join me next time for Leadership Qualities: Generosity Part 3