Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Choosing Part 2

How God Raises Leaders-Psalm 103:1-5

The benefits of trusting the Lord in this text corresponds to the stages God uses in building someone into a healthy, spiritual leader. The benefits are:

  1. God pardons-Leaders must put their past shame or blame behind them.
  2. God heals-They must become healthy and liberated from old wounds.
  3. God redeems-They see their abilities and personality redeemed.
  4. God crowns-They are crowned with gifts and a place to serve.
  5. God satisfies-They feel satisfied and fulfilled as they live out their role.

God’s Providence-Isaiah 23:1-18

We can position people, but only God exalts them. We can develop others, but only God raises them up.

Leaders Must Be Selected-Acts 1:20-26

When the replacement for Judas was made notice two things:

  1. They didn’t hold an election. Church eldership is never determined through a democracy in the New Testament. Leaders where chosen, not voted on.
  2. The apostles cast lots to discover God’s choice for the position. Elders are leaders chosen by God and confirmed by the church.

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