Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Intuition Part 17

Godly Wisdom vs. Worldly-James 3:13-18

James speaks of two kinds of wisdom: the wisdom from above and the wisdom from below. Good leadership intuition always springs from the wisdom from above. Notice the following differences.


Wisdom from Above Wisdom from Below
1. Gentle and generous 1. Selfishly ambitious and jealous
2. Speaks the truth 2. Speaks lies and deceives
3. Pure and organized 3. Disorderly and demonic
4. Results in peace 4. Results in disharmony
5. Reasonable 5. Self-centered
6. The fruit of love and mercy. 6. The fruit of strife and competition

Spirit of Behavior-1 John 4:1-8

Leaders are to read the spirit behind a person’s behavior to sense how ready he or she may be to contribute to the team. Leaders look for a spirit that: confesses Christ as Lord (1 John 4:1-3); agrees with and believes the truth (4:5, 6); and loves others (4:7, 8).

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