Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Intuition Part 16

How to Defeat Enemy-Ephesians 6:10-20

Like any good leader, Paul issues a warning at the end of his letter about the tough times his people will face. They are up against Satan himself (Eph. 6:12), an enemy who will do everything to stop their progress.

Instead of moping about the situation however, Paul lays out a specific plan for his Ephesian friends. They are not approach this fight in their own strength, but remember that only God can defeat the enemy (6:10). As a Warrior, God fills a role His people desperately need. He serves as their Protector, Defender, Delivery, Provider, and Guide. God gives His army every supply needed to win.

Paul then instructs his readers to put on the whole armor of God, in order to stand and prevail (6:11-17). Serving as an officer under God, Paul issues the orders for the troops. When leaders practice the Law of Intuition, they provide their people with . . .

  1. A strategy to win (vv. 11, 12).
  2. Knowledge of the opposition (v. 12).
  3. The resources they need (v. 13).
  4. A plan for how to use them (vv. 14-17).
  5. Detailed communication (vv. 14-20).

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