Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Intuition Part 14

Peter Proposes Shift-Acts 15:7-11

Peter’s suggested change to the way the church does things amounts to a paradigm shift in both thought and belief. He persuades leaders to change by convincingly communicating what God is doing. Peter sees the need for change before others do. His perception, coupled with his credibility, keeps the church moving forward.

Paul Knew Remedy-Romans 8:12-39

Paul intuitively knew both man’s fundamental sickness and the cure. He explained the proof (Rom. 8:14), the problems (8:18-25), the privilege (8:26-30), and the promise (8:31-39) of the Spirit-filled lifestyle. When leaders face problems, they automatically measure them and begin solving them using the Law of Intuition.

Leaders Read Accurately-1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Leaders always read their situation, then lead their situation. Paul refused to cling to his past as a Pharisee or to his rights as an apostle (1 Cor. 9:7-18), but he laid both aside because they often got in the way of leading Gentiles. The goal is always more important than the role.

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