Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Intuition Part 13

Jesus Discerned Real Issue-Luke 20:19-26

One day the scribes sent spies to trap Jesus, asking about whether it was right to pay taxes to Caesar. They knew that if He said yes, they could label him a traitor, if He said no, they could report Him to the Roman authorities. They thought they had a perfect plan to silence this radical leader.

In a classic reversal, Jesus turned the tables on them. Because He practiced the Law of Intuition, He was able to see past the facade they had erected. Taxes weren’t the issue; surrender was the issue. So Jesus answered their question with another question. Who’s image was on the coin they showed Him? He meant that any object stamped with a person’s image belongs to the individual pictured. This coin carried Caesar’s image, so they were to surrender that coin to Caesar. On the other hand, God had stamped His image on them! They had been made in His image and should therefore surrender themselves to God.

What a memorable lesson! No wonder they became silent. This intuitive Leader answered their question by quickly getting to the real issue.

Jesus Interprets Events-Luke 24:13-49

As two grieving men conversed about Jesus’ crucifixion, they struggled to understand what it all meant. Jesus saw their confusion and could tell they needed someone to guide them. So He joined them and began to explain His resurrection in light of Scripture (Luke 24:27, 45). And by the end of their time together, it all made sense.

Leaders interpret reality for their people. They see a bigger picture and have a leadership bias. They offer clear perspective to those who need it. The understand current events and how they fit into the overall scheme of things. Remember: Who you are dictates what you see.

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