Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 18

Paul Illustrates and Invites-Galatians 3:6-4:31

To make plain his teaching on grace, Paul uses stories and allegories. To drive home the truth, he uses an illustration of Abraham (Gal. 3:6-29); and Old Testament scripture (3:10-14); an illustration of a son and a slave (4:1-7); and an allegory of Sarah and Hagar (4:21-31). Paul knew just how to connect with his audience. He painted familiar pictures to connect them with unfamiliar truths.

Paul also knew how to connect with a difficult group of people. Although they are living in error and it might feel tempting to focus on their foolishness (3:1), instead the apostle invites them into the experience of discovery.

Consider the “Ten Commandments of Handling Difficult People”:

  1. Use the 101% principal. Find the 1 percent you agree on and give it 100 percent of your attention.
  1. Love people more than policies but love truth more than people.
  1. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  1. Learn to be flexible where you can.
  1. Check your own attitude.
  1. Don’t overreact to conflict and disagreement.
  1. Welcome the conflict. Make it a learning experience.
  1. Provide an escape for the person in conflict. Let them maintain their dignity.
  1. Take a risk. Give people a second chance.
  1. Take the high road. Be generous and believe the best about others.

Join me next time for The Law of Connection Part 19.