Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Intuition Part 7

Discernment Before Decision-1 Chronicles 12:32

One of the more popular passages in 1 Chronicles is found in chapter 12. The sons of Issachar are there described as men who “had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (v. 32). What a description of the Law of Intuition! Before Israel made a decision, they got discernment. The sons of Issachar understood three key factors:

  1. The culture: They understood the population and the place where they lived.
  2. The timing: They understood the times and discerned when to move.
  3. The strategy: They knew what Israel ought to do, the steps that should be taken.

How about you? Are you a “son of Issachar”? Do you understand your culture—its trends, its myths, its strengths, its dangers? Do you understand the age in which you’re living—its tenor and general movement? And do you have a strategy to grapple with both the culture and the times?

Rehoboam Violates-2 Chronicles 10:1-17

Rehoboam, the successor to Solomon, knew little about good leadership. Instead of sizing up his situation and culture, he went on a power trip. He failed to discern, listen, or follow wise counsel from those who could help him most—and lost more than half of the kingdom.

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