Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Intuition Part 5

Solomon’s Problem Solving-1 Kings 3:3-28

What would you choose if God offered to give you anything you named? King Solomon came face-to-face with that delightful dilemma when Yahweh presented the young Kings with His equivalent of the genie in the bottle. “Ask! What shall I give you?” the Lord said to Solomon one night (1 Kings. 3:5).

Solomon displayed a good amount of wisdom by asking for more of it to lead the people of Israel. God not only answered his request, but also gave him what he did not ask for: riches, honor, long life, and conquest. Leadership wisdom allowed Solomon to:

  1. Make wise decisions for his nation.
  2. Choose the right staff for his palace.
  3. Judge wisely between disputing parties.
  4. Recognize priorities and gain perspective.

Before chapter 3 ends, Solomon has the chance to demonstrate His wisdom. To women bring a child to him, both claiming to be the mother. Solomon tells them to cut the baby in half and let each women have part of the child. He wisely used his knowledge of the overpowering maternal instinct to reveal the identity of the true mother.

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