Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Change Part 3

Changing with Times-Nehemiah 7:1, 2

Two emotions usually follow a great achievement: first, a sigh of relief and celebration; and second, a sense of . . .now what?

How we handle achievement tells us a lot about our character. The period following a success – become a dangerous time. Sometimes we feel tempted toward complacency, especially if we lack another goal. We can become satisfied and let down on guard. Momentum leaks.

The moment of victory is a crucial time for an organization. The leader must be able to change – or face a transitional problem. The transitional problem occurs when the leader does not know how to grow with the organization. Nehemiah’s life illustrates the problem:

Two Types of Leadership Seasons


1. Catalyst: Gets it going 1. Consolidator: Keeps it going
2. Designer: Thinks it up 2. Developer: Follows it up
3. Motivator: Encourages 3. Manager: Organizes
4. Entrepreneur: Relies on self 4. Executive: Relies on others

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