Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 17 

Paul Touches Hearts-Romans 12:1, 2 

After climbing an enormous theological hill, Paul shift gears in Romans 12. The first eleven chapters provide A basis for our belief, but from chapter twelve to the end of the book, the apostle supplies a basis for our behavior. First doctrine; then duty. This is how Paul always attempted to connect with his listeners.

Paul pleads with his friends, based on God’s mercy, to lovingly surrender themselves to the Lord. He urges them to respond in four ways:

  1. Presentation: We are to present our bodies to God as living sacrifices (v. 1).
  1. Separation: We are to avoid conforming to the world’s ways (v. 2).
  1. Transformation: We are to renew our minds and thus change our lives (v. 2).
  1. Demonstration: We are to prove we belong to God by doing His will (v. 2).

Paul argues that these four acts provide the logical response to God’s grace. He knew this was a tall request, but he spent 11 chapters building a foundation for the “big ask.” Leaders who connect touch hearts in a big way, then ask for a big response.

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