Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Discernment Part 4

Issue Was Justice, Not Fasting-Zechariah 7:1-10

God questions the motives behind our behavior. While the Jews had fasted and feasted at appropriate times, Zechariah declared their spiritual rituals meant little unless accompanied by justice. When leaders discern people and relationships, they get a head start in providing relevant help to those who need it.

Rich Young Ruler-Matthew 19:16-26

Jesus cut through the periphery to get to the real issues. Discerning that a young man had failed to “have no other gods before [Him]” (Ex. 20:3), Jesus tells him to sell everything, give it to the poor, and follow Him. The man walks away, unable to take the step that would free him from bondage.

Leaders Read Situation-Acts 8:25-40

Philip illustrates the importance of a leader who can adapt to a new situation and meet the need. Flexibility is the name of the game.

How do leaders read similar situations? Spirit-filled leadership involves . . .

  1. Seeing your responsibilities. Philip was already doing what he knew to do.
  2. Surrendering your rights. Philip didn’t demand his own way, but remained flexible. He left a revival to go to a desert.
  3. Sensing your revelation. Philip listened to the Spirit. God may speak through people, Scripture, or spiritual intuition.
  4. Sharing your relationship. Philip approached the need from a relational perspective, not just a result perspective.
  5. Showing your relevance. Philip started where the Ethiopian eunuch was and connected with him there.
  6. Securing your response. Philip led the man to a point of decision and saw results.

Join me next time for Leadership Qualities: Discernment Part 5