Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Laws: The Law of Respect Part 7

Jesus Is Superior-Colossians 1:13-20

Although Paul clearly was a strong leader, he constantly declared his submission to the leadership of Christ.

At the very beginning of his letter to the Colossians, Paul paints a picture of Jesus’ supremacy over every authority on earth. Our Lord rescues, redeems, and transforms. He is the image of the invisible God, who created everything, including other leaders and authorities. Christ takes priority among every created thing as the “firstborn from the dead” (Col. 1:18). Paul argues Jesus’ supremacy based on the Law of Respect.

Jesus Is Superior Leader-Hebrews 1:3-12

Hebrews paints Jesus as the ultimate revelation of God, superior to the profits or the angels. Jesus is the exact representation of God (Heb. 1:3) and has a position above everyone (1:5-12). Jesus displayed His strength in creation and salvation. He is the strongest Leader and even the angels follow him.

Jesus Superior to Moses-Hebrews 3:2-5

By comparing Jesus’ priesthood to Moses and the Old Covenant, once again the writer attempts to demonstrate Christ’s superiority to Moses, knowing that people naturally follow the strongest leader. They followed Moses, but if Jesus is measurably superior to Moses, then perhaps He deserves a look. Consider the unequal leadership of Jesus:


Moses’ Priesthood Jesus’ Priesthood
1. Faithful to God (v. 2) 1. Faithful to God (v.2)
2. Honor and glory (v. 3) 2. More honor and glory (v. 3)
3. The house (vv. 3, 4) 3. The builder of the house (vv. 3, 4)
4. A servant (v. 5) 4. A son (v. 5)
5. Testimony to truth (v. 5) 5. The Truth (v. 5)

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