Leadership Laws: The Law of Respect Part 6

Esther Stays Accountable-Esther 2:20-22.

Esther was a beautiful young Jew being reared by her older cousin, Mordecai, in the days of the Persian captivity. When Esther found favor with the king and was chosen to become his next Queen, the choice surprised both her and Mordecai. She would now hold a significant place of influence in the empire, even as a Jewish captive!

Because she had learned well the Law of Respect, she remained accountable to Mordecai’s leadership and mentoring even after she moved into the palace. She listened and followed his council about concealing her identity as a Jew. His advice paid off, and the king selected her to be the queen of Persia.

What allowed Mordecai to continue to be a persuasive mentor in Esther’s life, even though she became rich, famous, and influential? We see four reasons in chapter two:

  1. Relationship: He had raised her and known her for years.
  2. Wisdom: He intuitively knew what she should do when campaigning to be queen.
  3. Concern: Every day he paced in front of Esther’s court out of love and concern.
  4. Courage: He informed Esther when he discovered a plot against the king.

John Submits to Jesus-Matthew 3:11-14

Even though John the Baptizer possessed the strongest voice of his day, when Jesus stepped forward, he willingly submitted to His authority. He even predicted Christ’s coming. He knew his role was to prepare everyone for the Messiah. He laid his ego aside and humbly fulfilled his calling. He acknowledge the One who was greater than he and publicly said to Jesus: “I need to be baptized by you” (Matt. 3:14).

Healthy leaders remain in touch with their own influence and wield it without reservation. Yet they never allow ego to drive them. They yield to stronger leaders when they appear, because the cause is more important than personal popularity.

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