Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Laws: The Law of Respect Part 5

Absalom Assumes Power-2 Samuel 15:1-37

Some time after he returns to Jerusalem following the murder of his brother Amnon, Absalom rises to power and assumes a position of leadership in Israel. In the intervening years he becomes a stronger, more forceful leader than his father, David.

Despite David’s natural leadership abilities, somehow he lost his conviction and resolve. Before the chapter ends, we see David running from his own son—thus reminding us of the Law of Respect. People usually follow leaders who are stronger than themselves. It’s not hard to see why Absalom could rally so many Israelites to his side:

Absalom David
1. Provides himself with resources and weapons 1. No longer goes out to battle
2. Speaks about justice and meeting others needs 2. Doesn’t provide enough deputies
3. Steals the people’s hearts with his charisma 3. Becomes distant and out of touch with people
4. Rallies the people behind his vision 4. Maintains politically correct view
5. Rises up in courage to lead Israel 5. Fleas in fear of Absalom

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