Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 16 

Paul Effective in Athens-Acts 17:22-34 

Peter, Stephen, and Paul all practiced the Law of Connection in the four sermons that Luke records (Acts 2:14-36; 7:2-53; 13:16-41; 17:22-31). The one Paul delivered in Acts 17 is a masterpiece. He connected brilliantly with people from a different culture, showing he understood both Greek society and human needs. Read his message and watch a master communicator in action:

  1. He began with affirmation (v. 22).
  1. He bridged his subject with the familiar (v 23).
  1. He enlarged their vision of God (vv. 24, 25).
  1. He used inclusive language (v. 26).
  1. He gave them encouragement and hope (v. 27).
  1. He identified with some of their own poets (v. 28).
  1. He gave them specific action steps (vv. 29-31).

Effective leaders connect before they expect. Only when Paul had built relational bridges with the people, did he issue a clear call to repent. Connection precedes decision. And what happened? According to text, everyone acted. Some sneered at Paul; others said they wanted to hear more; and others followed immediately (vv. 32-34).

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