Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Laws: The Law of Respect Part 1

Aaron Replaces Moses-Exodus 32:1-6

While Moses spoke with God on the mountain, the Israelites began to wonder just wear their leader had gone. It didn’t take them long to look for a new leader, at least for a season. As they gathered around Aaron to request help in making a golden calf, they violated the first of the Ten Commandments they were about to receive.

Although Aaron’s convictions lagged seriously behind those of Moses, the people begged him to take charge. Why? Probably because of the Law of Respect. Once Moses pulled his disappearing act, the people looked for the next strongest leader to take over. They did so because:

  1. People are like sheep without a shepherd. They always need a leader; Jesus said so (Mark 6:34).
  2. People focus on immediate felt needs. They struggle with delayed gratification.
  3. People suffer memory failure. They always ask: What’s the leader done for me lately?
  4. People are insecure. The begin to worry without abundant signs of hope.

Join me next time for The Law of Respect Part 2