Leadership Issues: Calling Part 5

Followers of God-Matthew 5:1-48

Between the “seed” of leadership planted in the early stages and the fruit of leadership that comes with maturity, every leader goes through two major phases: the call and the preparation.

During the preparation season, all leaders get tested to live at a higher level than others. No one responded better than Jesus.

Jesus calls His people to live at a higher level than the rest of the world. His call brings many other test along the way, for tests always follow the call in order to prepare leaders for the role they are to play.


The Call The Preparation

The Seed of Leadership The Beginning of Leadership The Test of Leadership The Fulfillment of Leadership

Selection vs. Election-Acts 9:1-20

God appoints specific leaders to fulfill a mission; He doesn’t hold a popular vote. If He had, no ancient believer would have voted for Saul. Instead, God saw Saul’s qualities and called him to both follow Jesus and lead men.

God’s Twofold Call-1 Peter 2:9, 10

Every leader in the body of Christ is to serve in response to a divine calling.

God’s call is twofold and is confirmed in two ways. There is a general calling He offers to everyone; anyone who responds to Him is considered the “called”. But a second call is more specific. This call is given to individuals who are meant to serve in a particular role. This calling is confirmed both by an inward witness of the heart and an outward recognition by the body of Christ.

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