Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Calling Part 3

Call of a Leader-Isaiah 6:1-8

God has a message and is looking for messengers. God issued a general call, for anyone, and Isaiah took it personally. He did so because of three factors that make up a divine call to lead:

  1. Opportunity: We see a specific place where we can make a difference. This has to do with timing.
  2. Ability: We recognize that we have the God-given gifts to do something about the need. This has to do with competence.
  3. Desire: We want to step out and address the need; our hunger pushes us. This has to do with our passion.

Responding to Divine Call-Isaiah 6:1-8

The experience of Isaiah parallels our own process of responding to a divine call. At least five stages in this process apply to us:

Stage One: The Revelation of God
Stage Two: The Realization of God’s Holiness
Stage Three: The Recognition of His Own Sinfulness
Stage Four: The Renewal of His Perspective
Stage Five: The Response of His Lifestyle

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