Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Calling Part 2 

 God’s Call, People’s Confirmation-Leviticus 8:1-36 

 For the godly leader, the call of God becomes a personal foundation for ministry, a point of revelation. One dare not enter a spiritual position without a divine calling. God’s call is the first step for anyone who desires a spiritual leadership position. 

 The Call 

 Every call has two components: inward and outward. God’s hand on the person provides the inward component. Through it the person recognizes that he or she is supposed to occupy a leadership position. And the outward component? This comes when others confirm that God’s hand does indeed rest on the person. Only God anoints a person to lead and minister; at best, organizations merely recognize and agree with His anointing. A spiritual leader’s authority comes from God, not men. 

 Your Response 

 A few signs often accompany God’s call of a person into vocational ministry. Romans 1:14-16 suggests some of these signs: 

  1. 1. “I am eager” (a sense of passion and urgency about reaching people) 
  1. 2. “I am obligated” (a feeling that one cannot do anything else vocationally) 
  1. 3. “I am not ashamed” (a conviction to do what others may think illogical) 

 The Ordination 

 The word “ordain” comes from the Latin word that means to “set in order, to arrange, appoint or regulate.” To ordain someone means to officially appoint that person to an office and to regulate his or her ministry activities. True ordination does not precede ministry; it follows it.  Only after a person exercise obvious spiritual influence, enabled by the Holy Spirit, is that individual ready to be ordained by humans. God calls, and the people confirm the call through ordination. 

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