Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Calling Part 1

When God Chooses-Exodus 2:11-4:20

Moses provides a wonderful case study on how God calls a leader out of a crowd to perform an assignment.

  1. God gives the leader an emotional investment in the work.
  2. God affirms the leader through others.
  3. God gives the leader mentors.
  4. God builds on the leader’s strengths, experiences, and background.
  5. God often refines the leader’s character in obscurity.
  6. God instills in the leader the value of hard work.
  7. God sustains that leader with a powerful vision.
  8. God brings others alongside the leader to compensate for their weaknesses.

Aaron’s Cost of Leadership- Leviticus 7:33-35

The priest where to get the right thigh and the breast that was waved as a portion from the children of Israel. Aaron received a divine calling. Aaron and his sons where to serve as priest. Their conduct was to be beyond reproach-and God made it clear that failure to uphold his established guidelines would result in death. There is high cost and expectation that goes with a holy calling to leadership positions. Inspite of his calling Aaron caved in with the golden calf. Aaron was set apart for God’s service, but he chose to live and lead otherwise. The failure of a leader usually results in consequences far more grave than a non-leader. On the day Aaron failed, “about three thousand men of the people fell [died]” (Ex 32:28). When leaders fail, followers pay the price.

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