Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 7

Stand for Truth-2 Peter 2:1-6

Peter earnestly warns his readers about false teachers. These false leaders exploit God’s people. Therefore, God has chosen to punish them and rescue those who stand for what is right.

Peter illustrates his point by contrasting self-appointed leaders with godly leaders:

  1.     The fall of the angels: God cast them into prison to preserve the godly.
  2.     The days of Noah: God sent the flood, but rescued Noah.
  3.     The destruction of Sodom: God destroyed the city, but spared Lot.

It is never easy to take a courageous stand; there is always a price. It always seems cheaper to . . .

  1.     Stand for what is easy: Some leaders look for the easy road and take it.
  2.     Stand for what is popular: Some leaders check the pulse of the majority.
  3.     Stand for what is comfortable: Some leaders choose what fits them best.
  4.     Stand for what is convenient: Some leaders do what fits their calendar.
  5.     Stand for what is beneficial: Some leaders stand for what profits them.
  6.     Stand for what is wrong: Some leaders simply stand for the wrong issues.

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