Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 15 

Jesus a Shepard-John 10:1-16 

Jesus describes Himself as the Good Shepherd, a leader who guides His people as a shepherd leads his sheep. The Old Testament prophets use this metaphor many times, from Moses (Num. 27:15-17) all the way to Ezekiel (Ezek. 34:1-10).

Everyone who wants to lead in the kingdom of God must develop certain heart qualifications. The image of the shepherd best captures the heart of a godly leader: Shepherds are tender, sincere, intimate, loving. They guide, correct, protect, and feed. John contrast the good shepherd with a hireling. A hireling receives pay for his job but has no heart for it. He watches out for the sheep until he no longer benefits.

The Hireling The Shepherd
1. Labors only for money (Matt. 20:7) 1. Labors out of love
2. Has no heart for the sheep (John 10:13) 2. Has a heart for the sheep
3. Leaves when trouble comes (Jer. 46:21) 3. Gives his life for sheep
4. Is unfaithful to his master (John 10:12) 4. Faithfully serves his master
5. Feeds himself, not the sheep (Ezek. 34:3) 5. Feeds the sheep
6. Neglects the sheep (Ezek. 34:3) 6. Tenderly cares for the sheep
7. Drives the sheep hard and lacks mercy (Jer. 23:2) 7. Leads the sheep wisely

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