Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 6

One Person a Majority-Acts 4:10-13

Leadership requires courage. All leaders need courage to:
1.    Seek the truth: You never find yourself until you face the truth.
2.    Change: Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.
3.    Express convictions: Convictions help us stand alone. The test of courage comes when we’re in the minority.
4.    Overcome obstacles: Whatever you do, someone will think you’re wrong. Expect trouble. Project courage.
5.    Learn and grow: You haven’t learned until you step out, take a risk, and so something new.
6.    Take the high road: There is no traffic jam on the second mile.
7.    Lead others: Leadership is the expression of courage that compels others to do the right thing.

Taking a Stand-2 Timothy 2:22-3:17

Courage is the first essential quality for effective leadership. Leaders initiate and take a stand even when no one else travels with them. Paul prepares Timothy for this act with his words:
1.    There is something to prevent: Leaders must flee temptations, such as pleasure and power, that ruin their personal lives.
2.    There are some things to pursue: Leaders must chase after qualities that will build their character and integrity.
3.    There are some things to portray: Leaders must model right attitudes so that others will want to submit to God.
4.    There are some things to perceive: Leaders must read the times and take responsibility to hold firm to what is right.
5.    There is something to pronounce: Leaders must hold forth God’s Word and use it as a standard for training.

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