Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 1

Ruth Takes a Risk-Ruth 3:1-6

What allows a leader to risk?

Responsibility: Sense the need to step out.
Initiative: Act even when no one else goes before.
Sacrifice: Make sacrifices to make things work.
Knowledge: Possess enough information to trust the decision.

Samuel’s Influence-1 Samuel 7:1-17

How did Samuel gain influence? What made everyone listen to him? At least three indispensable qualities gained him the influence he won:

  1. Competence: God blessed Samuel with many gifts. He heard from the Lord, he could see the future unfold, and he wisely knew what to do in crisis. His abilities provided one reason that everyone listened to him.
  2. Character: Unlike Eli, Samuel exuded integrity and honestly faced each area of his life. People trusted him and knew that he had Israel’s best interests in mind. They considered Samuel utterly trustworthy and depended upon him to intercede for them with God.
  3. Connection: Samuel knew how to connect with people; he spoke their language. He expressed compassion for their predicaments and brought courage to their pursuits.

Fortunately for us, the formula for Samuel’s success still works today:

Competence + Character + Connection = Influence

Join me next time for Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 2