The Law of Solid Ground Part 8

Hazael Breaks It-2 Kings 8:7-15

Hazael began his leadership by breaking trust with his leader, yet he never thought about the consequences of his example. How could he expect anything different from his people? Leaders who break the Law of Solid Ground may expect a haunting ripple effect.

God, Esther, Haman-Esther 7:1-10

God, Esther, and Haman each play a leading role in the Book of Esther. God is the leader in control; Esther is the leader under control; and Haman is the leader out of control. Consider each one.

God: The Leader in Control

  1. He took queen Vashti off the throne.
  2. He gave Esther the throne.
  3. He used Mordecai to supply information.
  4. He put everyone in place before the crisis.

Esther: The Leader Under Control

  1. Her position didn’t steal her compassion.
  2. She felt limited in what she could do.
  3. She knew her place in the organization.
  4. She felt the need to fast and pray.
  5. She depended on the prayers of others.
  6. She was willing to take a risk and obey.
  7. She didn’t take advantage of generosity.
  8. She recognize the importance of timing.

Haman: The Leader out of Control

  1. He misunderstood the times.
  2. He lost joy over little problems.
  3. He needed friends to build his self-image.
  4. His greed and ambition made him unhappy.
  5. He listened to the wrong people.
  6. He thought too highly of himself.
  7. He set himself up for a fall.
  8. He reaped what he sowed.

Mordecai Gets Reward-Esther 8:1, 2

Twice Mordecai protected the king from destructive leaders, and twice he was rewarded. He reaped the benefits of a track record that showed him to be a leader who could be trusted. He demonstrates that a leader cannot be successful unless other people want him to be.

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