The Law of Solid Ground Part 6

Ruth and Boaz Benefit-Ruth 3:1-15

Naomi knew how a woman could properly communicate her interest in a man. She told Ruth to enter the room where Boaz slept, uncover his feet, and sleep there. When Boaz discovered Ruth, he immediately understood the overture. Yet his sense of integrity would not allow him to sleep with her; he was committed to practicing what he preached. That’s what the word “integrity” means: oneness. A person’s words, thoughts, and actions are one.

The ancient Greek word for “sincerity” carries a similar meaning. Statues were baked in oven, usually emerging from the kiln with small cracks. Artist tried to hide these flaws by filling in the cracks with hot wax. Once in a while, a statue without blemishes would appear. On the bottom of these works, the artist would wright sinceros—”without wax.”

Is your leadership “without wax”? Are your words, intentions, and actions one? Are you a Boaz-type of leader?

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