The Law of Solid Ground Part 4

Signs of Leaders in Trouble

Leaders who erode the solid ground of trustworthy leadership usually exhibit one or more of the following signs. Leaders in trouble . . .

  1. Fail to address glaring character weaknesses
    Samson struggled with sexual impurity. He asked for a pagan wife, slept with prostitutes, and ultimately Delilah destroyed him. Anytime a leader neglects to repair his character flaws, they worsen.
  2. Count on deception to safeguard themselves.
    People who flirt with disobedience often deceive others to protect themselves. Samson liked using riddles to outwit others. He didn’t tell the whole truth, which later led to distrust and betrayal.
  3. Act impulsively.
    Time after time, Samson displayed his impetuosity. He chose his wife rashly. He made wagers without thinking. And more than once his impulsive spirit led him into a bloody battle. A leader who cannot control his temper endangers both himself and others.
  4. Are overcome by an area of weakness.
    Sin eventually consumes anyone who gives it free rein. Samson met his match in Delilah. The deceiver was deceived; the seducer, seduced. He lost a dangerous game and it cost him everything.
  5. Miss use their God-given gifts.
    Samson possessed immense strength and godly anointing but he took both for granted. Many times Samson exploited his God-given gift, intended for the deliverance of his people, for personal revenge. When a leader misuses God’s gifts, serious consequences inevitably follow.

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