Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Listening Part 1

Problem Solving

Sarah Has It Her Way-Genesis 16:1-16 (negative)

Those who master problem solving-one of the 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader-find that it’s one of the fastest ways to gain leadership in any group. Anyone who can solve problems will never lack influence.

But the influence gained isn’t always positive.

Control Freak!

The real problem facing Sarah was not a need for offspring, but her own impatience. Sarah wanted control-something that has afflicted many leaders throughout history. Instead of trusting God, Sarah tried to make the promise come true by using her own methods and according to her own timetable. She depended upon her own strength when she should have leaned on Almighty God. She illustrates what happens when an insecure leader tries to work independently of God. Insecure leaders:

  1. Believe God is inattentive, absent, or even against them.
  2. Allow their circumstances to determine their understanding of God’s character.
  3. See life through a perspective of scarcity rather than abundance.
  4. Become self-seeking and manipulative.
  5. Feel intimidated and deal with others through intimidation.
  6. Resent the success of others and angrily turn on them.
  7. Think that if one person succeeds, someone else must lose.
  8. Blame others for their dilemmas.
  9. See themselves as martyrs.
  10. Conclude that attempts at control seem more logical than trusting God.

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